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Splilmer Music is a music production and composition company created by
Mourad Achir-Splilmer.
We specialise in composing orchestral music with or without choir.
Our style of music is very much similar to that of many other major composers of movie trailers, such as X-Ray Dog, Immediate Music, E.S. Posthumus, Groove Addict, Two Steps From Hell and Epic Score...
We also produce various kinds of other music, including Classical, Rock, Metal, Electronic etc... for aired commercials and video games.

Composers :
Mourad Achir-Splilmer (France)
Adrien Loki Couturier (France)
Shawn Lukas (South Africa)
Joseph Manfredi (Italy)
Joe Pastore (Italy)
Graeme Boomer-Ens (Canada)

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