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Joseph Manfredi :

Joseph Manfredi Bio : 

Giuseppe Manfredi is a Composer, born in Italy.

He studied Piano and Harpsichord at “N. Piccinni” Conservatory in Bari
(Italy) and Oboe e Composition at "E.R. Duni" Matera (Italy).
He has worked as a pianist/keyboardist in various bands, playing everything
from classical to rock music.
In 2009 registered as a pianist/keyboardist the first CD Progressive Italian
Band, Breznev Fun Club: "L' onda Vertebrata".

During the last ten years he studied with particular attention the film scoring
process and music for videogames, his education culminated with the Master Class "Strade del Cinema“
with teachers: Dan Bora and Ezio Bosso (Movie: Io non Ho Paura) and "Specialist in Film and Videogames”
course at Berklee College of Music, Boston: 1. Midi Orchestration I (Spring 2010) with Ben Newhouse
(Disney DVD Logo; Biographi on A&E;
Lange Buton Magic Show); 2. Midi Orchestration II (Summer 2010): Writing Techniques For Full Orchestra with
Ben Newhouse; 3. Introduction To Game Audio (Fall 2010) with Jack Wall (Mass Effect 1 e 2; Jade Empire; Myst
III - IV; Games Live and Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.), when Jack Wall recognized with astonishment
and enthusiasm the professionalism of his score.

He distinguished himself in many occasions for his instinctive approach to music composition, with rational
capabilities to arrange appropriately musical elements to the picture and poem.
His music is a constantly evolving and sound research, moving from intimate and romantic pieces for solo piano
to orchestral scores that combine electronic and ethnic music.

He has collaborated with several italian software-house in the production of videogames, as a composer,
including: Enemyx with the videogame: Ancient Ligion; Artematica with videogame: Julia Innocent Eyes produced
by Warner Bros.

He works as a teacher of "Midi Orchestration" and "Film Scoring" at various music schools and high schools.
Collaborates with various libray Multimedia, between what the Ottonote Music Library.
He is currently engaged in Multimedia Sound System for the Museum/Monastery "Santa Maria d' Orsoleo" Sant'
Arcangelo (PZ), and is also involved in composing a Symphony "UNION" inspired by the movie "Blade Runner"
and the saga of video game "Mass Effect" and "Homeworld".

In 2011, he moved to Los Angeles to establish his career as a film music and composer for videogames in

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